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People who can't understand the real world and merely think in assumptions what causes it, are somehow prone to thinking you might consider delusional or derived from feelings and thus assumptions. I should mention some I think which are very hard to debunk.

- CO2 is good for plants, so more CO2 will lead to more growth and thus more agricultural crops. So by burning fossil fuel indeed the climate change, but that's no big deal. Warmer temperatures gives more plant growth. CO2 led sunlight through so how can it be a greenhouse gas.

- There is a global conspiracy off climate change scientists that are against states, welfare, economics and industry which is good for humans and health.

- Science is just a way of thinking about things and reality, like politics, everyone must have his or her opinion. Feelings and everyday experience is the real truth and not science. Like planes are not attracted by gravity, they are so heavy, they should fall down, shouldn't it.

- Why bother the global temperature has rising only a few Celsius, no big deal. The weather is always changing, then colder again and then warmer. It has always has been that way. The science data must be wrong, the theory is not correct. Yes the US has more severe winters, so how about warmer global temperature. So there is no climate change and the science is wrong.

- Youth4Climate are just kids, what do they know about the world