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Are we screwed, down the drain........perhaps, perhaps eventually not, but the united will to act has not reached a decisive and needed tipping point globally.


New York Times  Accelerating Climate Change

Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis.


Why CO2 causes global warming: (a scientific; quantum-mechanical answer)

CO2 is a gas and the molecule is especially sensitive to heat radiation - read infra-red - that is, as soon as infra-red light as a photon hits the molecule, the outer electrons go into a higher orbit or energy-level, thereby 

absorbing the energy first and then the electron falls randomly back and emits infrared light again. The principle is based on quantum mechanics and is according E=h x f and moreover the energy level of the electron in the special quantized orbit based on the theories according quantum-mechanics. Light as a photon witch is a form of energy as a particle and both wave. CO2 first absorbs the energy of the photon and then radiates it back randomly later. This is the only scientific explanation why CO2 is a heat shield for the earth. I now hope that you are convinced with facts that is science.

Climate Change: How Do We Know?

Source: NASA; Global Climate Change

Source: www.co2.earth

Worldwide, the UN and the world bank must make a plan for governments and countries that have no money or resources to implement the necessary changes quickly. What this bank should promote is poverty reduction in Asian, South American countries, how farmers are forced to burn down forests for palm oil plantations and and feed - read soy - for our animals. Think of it as a Marshall plan for the earth and humanity, the biggest operation that we can imagine at all. Poverty and corruption forces local citizens to do what we reject. A large part of the causes and solution lies in solving poverty and better initiatives locally, but in particular also education and emancipation of citizens and, in particular, regulation of the causes of overpopulation.

Ok, the facts are there, no further unnecessary need for debate, denying or polarization.


I picture you a world in which many fossil fuel driven cars are gone. That might look strange or weird, but in fact it is no rocket science or even science fiction but possible and rewarding both environmental, economical and healthier. There will be new jobs. Science will improve battery technology, car manufacturing and we will see the benefits off getting those off the streets and roads. We will benefit from cleaner air and no more pollution of unhealthy emissions, like NO, NO2, CO2, CO and dust particles. Even climate deniers will see the benefits and especially economic benefits If we all see a future with being independent of oil and thus risking war about oil reserves. Second we improve health. Solar will also improve in performance. We have to alter our need for palm oil and rethink fashion and food production. There are oils which are better - home grown - and more healthier. I see it as a change we all must go through. Then we see and feel the benefits - without being hysterical - (by the way knowing science facts and thus solutions is not being hysterical) - for us and the needed changes will gradually speed up, improving the will to invent and convince those who are afraid or must let go of needs. We have to believe in it. Nowadays the effects of solar will outgrow and surpass the costs of fossil fuel energy. We are all in it together and we must believe in the benefits it will bring, science will spark new technology. Second we must do something about plastic waste and wast from fashion. New textiles that are less in carbon footprint. Although I might seem skeptical due the forces denying the facts we can and will succeed. At last we must plant more trees and perhaps appreciate nature more as a place to relax. But being merely skeptical is no solution either, but being naive also. We have to debate about a different future a head of us. Being well informed is one thing