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Nature can't adapt to changes we caused, even we, if we don't act, but the earth will exist ....


Nature: We are already beyond the tippingpoints of global warming.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) introduced the idea of tipping points two decades ago. At that time, these ‘large-scale discontinuities’ in the climate system were considered likely only if global warming exceeded 5 °C above pre-industrial levels. Information summarized in the two most recent IPCC Special Reports (published in 2018 and in September this year)2,3 suggests that tipping points could be exceeded even between 1 and 2 °C of warming (see ‘Too close for comfort’).

Why CO2 causes global warming: (a scientific; quantum-mechanical answer)

CO2 is a gas and the molecule is especially sensitive to heat radiation - read infra-red - that is, as soon as infra-red light as a photon hits the molecule, the outer electrons go into a higher orbit or energy-level, thereby 

absorbing the energy first and then the electron falls randomly back and emits infrared light again. The principle is based on quantum mechanics and is according E=h x f and moreover the energy level of the electron in the special quantized orbit based on the theories according quantum-mechanics. Light as a photon witch is a form of energy as a particle and both wave. CO2 first absorbs the energy of the photon and then radiates it back randomly later. This is the only scientific explanation why CO2 is a heat shield for the earth. I now hope that you are convinced with facts that is science.

Climate Change: How Do We Know?

Source: NASA; Global Climate Change

Source: www.co2.earth

People mobilize it is far more serious, grim than you think or even can comprehend:


     Dear people politicians and even journalists or media do not tell you the truth. The lie they tell is that we can stay below two degrees. In many countries the warming is already more than 2 degrees on average and on the poles more than 7 degrees. And that we will only increase the temperature by more than 4 to 5 degrees in 2100 if we do nothing. But the truth is that it is far worse and happened faster than you are told. If you look at methane emissions - see above - and how various equilibrium temperatures are mutually reinforcing, we don't have a few decades left. But in fact we are already in the danger zone. Temperatures in the Netherlands will reach 45 degrees in the coming decades and perhaps more during a heat wave. In Iran, Iraq, Turkey and even more southern and Middle-East countries, temperatures above 50 and perhaps 60 degrees will become normal. In short, the expectations of IPCC are far too conservative, because IPCC has no models of effects melting permafrost > methane, melting N. & S-polar ice and even more. Methane emissions are exponential and not a gradual development. The latter are actually a kind of positive feedback loop that speeds everything up. There will be large population movements in the near future in the world coastal areas and if we do not know what to do with refugees from Morocco and Africa, how will it go?


          Rising Nationalist parties in the EU, making it more and more divided and more internal social conflicts and problems due to changes in food production and trade. Will the UN and EU still be able to function. Water shortage are occurring and will occur in many many countries. I see a future dark ghost image over the world that everything is coming together. Drought, starvation due to hunger, pollution, extinction of species, water shortage, crop loss, huge migrations, job loss, financial crisis, conflicts. That's scares the hell out of me. Remember that after the financial crisis in early 1900 sparks two world wars, Nationalism and since then wars around the world. We created UN after world 2 and even NATO, but the UN is used by some for the own political agenda. As a species we don't seem to learn and create peace, because we are not wired like that. We are driven by emotions and feelings. The basis of opinions and politics. But when feelings and opinions rules our mind and judgement for a solution we get mixed up and be confused. Business people know what motivates people and they misuses it for profit. Politicians knows that we are driven by feelings. Don't led them cloud your judgement and reality or the best solution. Just remember how Hitler addressed his people with insane driven emotions and total hatred fueling speeches.


            If we continue like this, the ocean currents in the world will change. Oceans are responsible for the distribution of heat, minerals and therefore food in the world. This gives us a fairly mild winter in N-Europe. But the expectation is that the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean will not go further than North America and therefore the North Pole will no longer be reached due to melting and disappearing North Pole ice. In short, the temperatures during the summers in the US and Europe will rise, extreme tornadoes / hurricanes and more frequent. Warmer ocean water expands and therefore coastal areas in the US will start to have more flooding and this, together with more intense hurricanes to cause heavy weather and extreme flooding. There will also be a faster rise in seawater levels due to positive feedback loops. If the transatlantic current remains below the UK and Europe, then these countries will get tropical temperatures in the summer - 40-45 degrees and very cold winters. In other words, our maritime climate has changed into a continental climate. The Netherlands will be confronted with more salinisation, more extreme drought and heat in the summer and lower groundwater levels. The fish population will also change and therefore the impact on fishermen and trade. This change in the transatlantic flow also causes air currents on the equator to deflect more towards the poles. Our Delta plan will no longer be sustainable in a few years' time, when that will happen I don't know, but it will happen

Reading the headline, you might wonder or be in doubt, am I depressed, neurotic, merely arousing fear, only negative or a left-wing environmental activist against authority? No. I first was after reading reliable sources of science reports shocked and confused "is it true..?" So read on, look into it. But the main message is "Yes we can act now and it will be rewarding for us all"

As a survivor, I know what it means to be a victim, to be silent, to deny, to be ignored, to be aware of or to conceal as if it is not so bad and that is why I am in line with all young people behind Youth4Climate.

This tendency to downsize or disbelieve the impact is in fact also what happens in mental health care and their policy regarding science (Trimbos research 50% -70% of all clients have a background of often chronic child abuse) that seems like it or not knowingly denying the seriousness. We deny by often labeling behaviors and problems under a disorder that does not make a connection between long-term child abuse. Last but not least, if we acknowledge it and have a clear view about effects and behavior we simply intuitively don't believe in any or even progress or good therapy results - especially those who are extremely traumatized - and so we see often no reason to deal with it and silently we hope for the best and give the client up


Both the Mental Healthcare and sometimes clients ignore their experiences or avoid it. The human and even social consciousness is a balance between accepting reality and denying as a process of struggling too survive. Both act according to survival, but willingly and purposely denying facts or reality in order of other secret benefits that only benefits those who don't really care about others is in fact anti-social. I wonder where these mechanisms of purposely denying or not tend too. Perhaps finally or not the will to act. 


Because both Climate Change and abuse often do not receive sufficient attention in society or in Mental Healthcare institutions, I support Youth4Climate. Personally I experience deeply that what awaits us is pales in relation to my experiences of abuse. I do not want to be a victim anymore, not from the government, political party, the society that is so addicted to luxury made by oil and indifferent, still from people who think that I am only confused, do not know what I am talking about and how the leaders do not actually solve the problems. Make up your own mind and wonder why.


I find it so inspiring how young people worldwide act, demonstrate and convince us to act. They are the future and they are smart and not ignorant. It's time to become aware and act. Don't let be convinced otherwise, because fools share the same earth. It is children and youth we abuse and let them struggle isolated and abandoned. Go for it, unite, demand change, be civil disobedient. Yes, you all together worldwide have the power, the will and hope for a better future and sue companies that makes us all sick and pollute our environment, health and make global warming expel out of control. As a individual you might think "what can I do about it...", until you realize we are all together in the same awareness. We don't share our deeper concerns, fears, thoughts and feelings, until we do and then we realize and feel we are not alone anymore.

Fact: We are already witnessing a process of climate change that triggers all kinds of processes - thus contributing to aggravation - such as rapid melting of north-, south-polar ice, permafrost, rapidly warming oceans, global forest fires, so interwoven and further destabilizing and therefore more CO2 -exponential.

"So fragile outside.." Astronaut Apollo 11

Sadly enough we all want and hope to believe that both climate change and the effects of chronic child abuse can't be that bad. You see we have more severe winters, you see they must have a personality disorder, you see psychosis is a genetic course, you see the brain damage is, you see .....


Imagine that your country is and will be independent of oil and energy, new research thus know-how and thus influence, new opportunities and jobs for all and the benefit of human kind and thus create so many new jobs, no more wars about oil and reckless exploitation of raw materials. Science will do it.

- The first great change we must do is make industry, farming and production social and beneficial to society and workers, healthy and for environment. We must make that change. The morale should be that toxic productions should be illegal and prosecuted. That's it, it is really that simple

The power of corporate politics and why two major concerns rule the world.

The modern sociopath:

"Who cares about environment, corruption, war, health, social justice, it's all opportunity, being social stands for communism, the poor will never understand why, greed is the only driving, sacred and beneficial power, we tend to own the world, those in power and you."


I strongly believe and know that we will not make machines intelligent, we led us fool by what techgiants really want. The main purpose of internet was a military one and still techgiants deliver machines and thus know-how to military and governments. Machines will never be human. Never. What they can and are good in is not human. China controlls people by means of AI, it looks harmless, but ask yourself why does a government want to control and influence their citizens. Let me tell you this Mark Zuckerberg doesn't give a damn about your privacy and personal live and feelings. For him it is business and investment. The main reason why tech giants are so interesting is merely for military, NSA f.i.. That is and was the background of the foundation of Silicon valley. You and I deliver data for AI and machines. Machines that will never be and never shall be human. Period

Universities that teaches economics should also teach ethics, ecology and health and production results that are not beneficial to society or even for the company instead teaches them benefits that also benefits workers and society. Workers unite and start your own small corporation. It must be the new rule and vision. We must be aware that GDP is made entirely possible by the majority and that are common people. If they thrive the society and economics thrive. Last but not least, we can make that transition. Just believe in community, yourself and clear thinking.

- Schools and education should teach environmental issues and social health as a important background thus also biology as our living needs and place in our biodiversity - as a species we are not isolated - with facts and let them become aware how we determine health and ways we should live.

- We must make entrepreneurs, shareholders and scientists enthusiastic about the formation of a new Green Energy concern - I prefer Europe, because Trump will be too late or will Elon Musk lead the way - that uses all science fi AI and working biological molecules, chloroplasts in forms of sustainable and therefore profitable energy. Let's do it, which country wants to get rich? Shell, NAM and Exxon are and will be dinosaurs. (You know they got extinct)

- Those who has the best science of using and making batteries - in combination of Ultra-capacitors - will lead the future of electric cars, mobile phones and other equipment, thus having the head start and leading economics

- Commissioning of Thorium reactors, a material much more present than Uranium and safer. (Tjernoyl had an outdated and unsafe reactor) This is because wind and solar energy will never be able to fully meet the needs. Do not build them in places with sensitivity to earthquakes and others.

- The stabilization of the electrical grid through more batteries in cities with Gwatt capacity to stabilize the varying yield of wind turbines, solar cells and the load of future electric vehicles. Ps We don't need Li-Ion ones

- Informing citizens about eating less meat - skipping one day in a week, will make a great impact- since meat is actually a very burdensome global form of industry with emissions of methane and the use of farmed feed and a lot of farming land & water. Did you know by the way, that a few centuries ago meat was a luxury food, mainly for the rich - deer, wild birds, goose, rabbits and so on -  but nowadays you can eat a burger and as many as you want for a few dollars and it will make you fat and unhealthy. So if you want to eat meat, enjoy it and be thankful for the times you can, but it is and was never the only way of getting your protein. As a result, we get more bio-diversity, farmers can learn to switch to other forms of protein production. Smaller perhaps and sell directly to consumers or local shops instead of Unilever. An example is farmed fish.

- The Netherlands will have to promote the innovation of batteries, which is directly related to the development and thus electric cars become more profitable. A country that is at the forefront of this can better steer the car industry (make money), but also in other applications such as electronics.

- Make devices that use less power and stricter control of energy-labels. So engineers  SONY, APPLE, SAMSUNG, CalTech and MIT, TNO, TU-Delft must learn to design devices more energy-efficiently.

- Innovation and application on a large scale of CO2 filters that are already being used on a small scale in, for example, submarines

- How bacteria and plants convert CO2 into cellulose, sugars, etc. through chloroplasts, etc. and use them for diverse products. We can use CRISPR for letting them make diverse useful products. The process involves photons and quantum-mechanical processes including superposition and waves and as a by-product O2. One must do research into this and therefore invest money. This can also lead to further innovation of, for example, solar cells

We need to become more aware of how long-term child abuse affects personality, brain development and how we can understand it, without neglecting the feelings and experiences of many victims. In principle, a term such as borderline, (C)PTSD,  and schizophrenia does not say anything about how someone's life was as a child and how that translates into psychosis and often a whole range of complaints. Is it not to shield the real impact from psychiatrists, do they have a clear image of the real threats of danger that abused children face and even murder and also to reassure society? Are we afraid of and thus like the bystanders-effect emotionally paralyzed and confused. We unfortunately still live in an era where genes are more important than the impact of social and societal factors. The APA is not doing enough, is DSM real science, based on real empirical data, based on neurological insights and research, do they have a clue about causes and do we have a real insight about therapy and what is needed. Ask your self and don't be that convinced by merely assumptions and thus more assumptions or even be righteous or naif. We must asked ourselves these questions, doubt is good when looking for better answers. Being satisfied with actual things as a final solution is not the basis of knowledge or even science and real progress. Nor merely being satisfied with answers that I all ready know. It is and will have to be about understanding the causes and their impact. The many studies and meta-analysis indicate clear neurological consequences, but how many clients get such research?


There is hope: Do you know that it is in fact rewarding, beneficial and possible to make the transition - with use of known science - to go renewable and of course to help those who suffer from trauma. It all starts in believing it's possible.