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"Would you like to share with others who also have (complex) PTSD or D.I.D. in a safe environment?"

"Then join with others in perhaps DID or (C)PTSD secret FaceBook groups. These groups are not visible from Internet nor FaceBook. Only members can post and read, that's why it is a secret FaceBook group. It is free and perhaps it might help you feel less lonely or misunderstood. Signup and fill in the digital form. As soon as I got your request I will make you member. You will get a e-mail from FaceBook with a link to subscribe. If you have filled in the form and got no e-mail from me, look in your spambox. Usually you get a answer by mail within two days, during [monday-friday] and after the weekend. The communication is in English


The D.I.D.-group is for those with profound dissociative disorders, but you can be a member of both. It is up to you. Please join en communicate finally and felt understood."

You must have a FaceBook account. If not register for free. (Google: FaceBook signup)

Fields with * are obligated and please check your spambox if you get no mail from me.