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Since the evolution speaks of variation, it is only logical that there is much variation in the symptoms of disorders. But genes and therefore the cause of disorders are always under the influence of the environment. Because of this, there is no 100% genetic predisposition or cause. Epigenetics also determines how environmental factors determine the expression. But certain circumstances have also a kind of evolution, think for example, cultural and social. Sometimes social factors seem almost to have a genetic cause, because poverty, unemployment and violence in turn affect the development of the brain and therefore the possibilities and often disorders. Related disorders are also common. Stress and bad social influences shaping the expression and

recovery from illness or mental problems. Concerning PTSD many experience other problems. Unfortunately there is little known about the combination of PTSD and autism and thus treatment. Psychoses, mood disorders, anxiety, phobia, developmental disorders, addiction come criss-cross among clients. Because stress en living with the burden of experiences that have a great impact makes people susceptible for psychiatric disorders, means that reducing this stress can make these disorders disappear to the background. Helping people cope with these experiences and thus treatment, can decrease the costs of the mental health. Instead of looking at from a perspective of being chronical.