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"Unfortunately a lot about nutrition & diets is nonsense ...."

      Nutrition is very important and nowhere is as much talk, written and published as about nutrition. Some write books about all kinds of weight loss, which promise you a lot and pretend to have seen the light, but only want one thing and that is making money fast. But unfortunately a lot about nutrition is nonsense. It is true that because of the many bacteria our intestines affect our nervous system and therefore our health and mood. But let me put it simply, food producers know how to influence us well, to mislead us and often to misinform us. It is the sugars in particular, so the sugars in the fine print under many names what they are called on labels on products, say the hidden sugars in products that make us fat and unhealthy. They are not the fats. Believe me it is the many sugars in orange juice, soft drinks, sweets and more products that we consume unnoticed that make us sick in the long run.


      We call these with a collective name carbohydrates. So carbohydrates are all bound and unbound sugars, syrups, fructose, dextrose, malt suggar, milk sugar, honey, syrup, potatoes, pasta, rice and many other products. Especially eat - multiple carbohydrates - bound (bound sugars are long molecules of switched-on glucose molecules) sugars, such as potatoes, pastes, etc. Our bodies cannot do without carbohydrates and especially our brains, but we consume too much of them. Our brains use around 25% of glucose - the basic substance of carbohydrates - and our muscles around 20%. The consumer industry makes us believe that it is about fats and that we eat too much fat, but this is nonsense and misleading - they don't want you to realize how they use sugars and salt to make you addicted - because the real danger lies in too many carbohydrates and therefore sugar. That does an attack on insulin production in particular, which then gives up quite quickly as a result of this load, which in turn causes diabetes 2 and obesity in young children. Too many sugars that we don't need are converted into fats, so more fat cells grow - which we never lose again - and we get fat. In addition, poor eating habits also change our intestinal flora. This also leads to heart disease.

So people pay attention to product labels and recognize the sugars that you work inside unnoticed.




- Because of overproduction, many products, such as vegetables due to the use of the same soil and overproduction of monocultures, contain fewer and fewer minerals, vitamins and healthy substances, so need more of them.

- The food industry misuses science and psychology to make us addicted to unhealthy products and categorically misleads us.
- It is not about less fat, but consuming suggars and thus hidden ones.

What is healthy food?

Healthy food has a basis of carbohydrates and healthy are grains and therefore bread - unfortunately there is still too much salt in it - oatmeal, millet, potatoes, pasta, rice and the basis of bread. In addition, we also need a certain amount of fat. Use whole yogurt or another milk product - be careful with cheese because of the salts - because whole milk or yogurt makes you more saturated and therefore uses less. We cannot live low in fat, because without fat we get mood problems. But because of the many hidden sugars consumed, we have tempted our bodies to burn fat, become fat and unhealthy. Nobody needs to do really hard physical work anymore and so we burn less. In addition to a certain amount of carbohydrates, we also need vegetables - minerals, fiber and vitamins. We can never eat too many vegetables - even onions are vegetables. We also need proteins, and these are proteins, such as in beans, legumes and meat / fish / milk products. The food industry makes many products - ready-made pizzas etc - with unhealthy fats, as you know the saturated ones. Believe me you can live a day without meat, then make a dish with legumes, beans or fish. Be sparing with carbohydrates, avoid the 

"Make eating together something social and pleasant"

many snacks. Vegetables are very important, if you have little money, buy them uncut and buy seasonal vegetables - so fresh - and that is cheaper. An onion is very healthy - cheap - including mushrooms, so make it a nice gravy and fry with oil, just choose sunflower oil. Did you know that cooking oil is just thickened ordinary rapeseed oil with all kinds of flavorings and emulsifiers? Ready-made factory meals are by definition unhealthy, addictive, salty and ultimately make you sick. They are made so that you eat a lot of them, too much. So avoid ready-made industry food. Pay attention to the food, start to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. See it as a challenge, social happenings, fun and fun

"Which food?"

        Believe me if you do not eat meat for 1 or 2 a week, you will still get enough protein. Beans and legumes also contain proteins, fresh vegetables - vary - the minerals - trace elements of metals, necessary for building muscles and cells / enzymes and functioning nervous system - and vitamins and fibers. Nuts and advocados provide the necessary unsaturated healthy fats. All meat that is lean and therefore white in color such as chicken, turkey and lean pork is good. Do not use jug bags, gravy powder for fried rice or other dishes because it contains a lot of salt and many artificial flavors. You do not actually need to add salt to food, because many products naturally already contain salt - such as potatoes and mostly vegetables. Use and buy fresh vegetables - so make use of the season - vary here.

       When you stir fry, be careful not to bake the products too hot, otherwise oils will burn and oxidize - become saturated fats and / or become carcinogenic. Please note that products do not turn brown or dark brown. Light brown is good. Regarding fruit, did you know that 1/4 orange has enough vitamin C in it, we just pee the rest. If you eat healthily you absolutely do not need to take pills or all kinds of supplements with all kinds of vitamins and Eastern influences. Older people may need to use vitamin D and then only because of their age due to lower vitamin D. You should avoid all soft drinks, juices, juices etc. Eat fresh unpressed fruit. Heus once again wants the food industry and makes you addicted to hidden sugars and makes you believe that low-fat is the solution. Finally, fresh vegetables is the best and also frozen vegetables.